A new adventure begins!

Morning guys, sorry it’s been a while! Work and life definitely got on top of me! But I’m back, it’s the build up to Christmas and I’m so excited about the coming year.

As I have spoken about in previous posts, I’ve not only done a lot of work in the past few months around my eating and training habits, but I’ve also had a BIG focus on my mindset. I am extremely lucky that my trainer completely values to role of someones mindset with regards to everything in their life, and for me it has been THE priority while I have worked with her.

She has taught me about something called ‘limiting beliefs’. Now, I’m no expert, but what I have learnt is that a ‘limiting belief’ is something that you believe about yourself, and it’s the thing that holds you back. I could be “I’m not clever enough”, it could be “I’ll never be thin”, or in my case, “I’m not good enough”. But the thing is, as I have sat with my trainer and worked through this, there isn’t actually any evidence I can draw on that proves that my belief is correct. And through this work, I have begun to change this belief. That’s not to say it’s been easy, but it’s getting better all the time.

So, why I am telling you all of this when I started off by talking about new adventures? There is a link, I promise! I’m a teacher and have been for about 4 years. I loved teaching, I loved working with children and helping them to develop their skills and become confident in their abilities. However, my limiting belief has still always been there.

“I’m not good enough”

There was a time I believed I wasn’t good enough at anything. I thought I would fail as a teacher. I thought I had no choice but to leave. I was deeply unhappy.

But one thing I have done while working on dismissing my limiting belief, is gathering evidence to the contrary. And the evidence I have gathered has helped me believe that I am great at my job. It’s not about being big headed, it’s about believing in your own ability. And I begin to believe that I didn’t have to leave my job, but I did begin questioning if I wanted to leave my job.

Not because I wasn’t good enough, but because I wanted a change.

Saturday morning study!

And that is the decision I have taken, leading to my new adventure. See, I told you there was a link in all this! In fact, there is a link in everything. The massively positive impact that training, beginning to understand nutrition and working with my PT has had, has led me to want to help other people in this way.

So that is what I am currently doing. I have a few weeks left of my teaching job, and then I am jumping all in to studying as a Personal Trainer myself.

I may still have a lot to learn. It may be a risk. It may be a scary move. But it is also exciting! And I’m already so much happier!

You can keep up to date with my journey to become a PT, along with all my other posts, by following my blog!


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