When to stop counting those calories

I’ve been tracking my calories pretty consistently now for about 11 months, since I started my fitness journey. Before I started, I thought I ate pretty well. I thought I ate good food, and though I sometimes had ‘unhealthy’ foods, I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t loosing any weight.

However, once I began learning about calorie counting and portion sizes, I soon realised how much I didn’t know!

Yes, most of the time I was eating so-called healthy meals. But, I was eating WAY to much of them. And it wasn’t just the occasional small, unhealthy snack I was consuming, I was binging on crisps and biscuits more regularly that I would admit to myself. It wasn’t until I began tracking all the foods I was eating, that I discovered how much extra I had been putting into my body, verses what I actually needed.

Porridge to set me up for the day!


I often read things online about not focusing on calories, how it’s not healthy for our mindsets and we should just focus on whether our foods nutritious. And I do think that is a fantastic way to look at things, in an ideal world.

However, I truly believe that there is a place for calorie counting, if done correctly. My calorie target what set by a Personal Trainer, who worked with me to teach my how much I needed to eat to be in a calorie deficit. My calories were originally set at 1800 per day, much higher than I thought it would be! Tracking my calories taught me about portion sizes, and to not be ashamed if  I went over my target on one day. In the beginning, it also helped me to see where I was going wrong.

But constant calorie counting is not a long term plan. It’s a short term tool to help reach a goal. So when it’s time to move on, how do we do it?

Even with treats like this, I can still be in a calorie deficit!

Well that’s something I’m currently figuring out. I’m having to trust myself. I’m having to be brave enough to trust myself. Trust that I can have a treat, and it won’t lead to a massive binge. Trust that I know what portion sizes look like. Trust that I can carry on working towards fat loss and stay in a calorie deficit, without having to track everything.

So that’s my next step. Learning to trust myself.

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