Proceed as if success is inevitable…

Success is often achieved by those who don’t know that failure is inevitable

– Coco Chanel


Yes, it’s a cheesy quote. I’m not going to lie, I LOVE a cheesy quote! And this one is plastered over the front of one of my many notebooks, so I see it every time I come to study.

So sorry if you don’t like this kind of thing, but try and look past the soppiness of the quote for a second, because the message behind it is SO important:

You need to believe in yourself.

I have been posting about this recently, both on here and on Instagram (you can follow me there too, if you like!), because it’s something that a lot of us find hard to do. We don’t believe in ourselves, we don’t big ourselves up and we don’t value our abilities.

But here’s the thing … if YOU don’t believe in yourself, then why the hell should anyone else believe in you? Be that friends, colleagues, potential business partners, anybody!

Why should someone invest their time, their energy and their belief in you if you won’t do it yourself? You need to know how amazing you are, and you need to know you are worth it. And trust me, it will shine out of you!

Now, I know this is hard. It feels so unnatural to most of us and it’s something we have to learn to do. You need to decide to make that change and believe in yourself. And yes, it’s scary to try and achieve your goal, because what if you fail?

But think of it this way: why can’t you do it? Seriously, is there a genuine reason that you can’t achieve EVERYTHING that you want to? I highly doubt it. It’s fear is standing in the way, not your ability.

Dream big, be ambitious, know you can do it. The only thing stopping you, is yourself.


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