Do the things that make you happy…


This is something I have said to myself for years, have tried to live by, but have only fully acknowledging within the past year.


Having recently (as in VERY recently, just before Christmas!) taken the leap, and left the my job as a teacher, I have been managing to do even more that makes me happy. Since I handed in my notice so long ago (back in September) and then I still kept the two weeks I would have had over Christmas as a teacher, Monday was the first day it really felt as though I had left. All my friends had gone back to work, and I was at home. First day of my new adventure.

And it sounds like I’m exaggerating guys, but the difference in my mental wellbeing in these last few days has been ridiculous. I mean, it went from zero to 100 in the space of a day. I have felt calm, content and just so productive. And it has made me realise just how anxious and stressed I felt before.

One of the main reasons I wanted to get out of teaching, was that I was living to work, not working to live. And in my opinion, that is a ridiculous way to spend your life.

Yes, I want to LOVE my work.

Yes, I want to enjoy my job.

Yes, I want to work hard.

But, my job is not and is never going to be the only important thing in my life. There are many other things that I value and that make me happy. Things like exercising, cooking, reading, being outside, spending time with friends and family, learning something new, travelling and many more. And all of these things are just as, if not more important, than my job.


Now, I know I might sound naive. I am fully aware that I need to work to earn money. And that I need money to do some of the things I want to, such as travelling and discovering new and exciting places. But if we put ALL our focus just onto out job, then it doesn’t matter how much money we have, we aren’t able to enjoy the other exciting and varied aspects of our lives.

That is how it was for me in teaching.

But I have put a stop to it. I have begun valuing all the different parts of my life. I love cooking, so I am making time to spend in my kitchen, trying out new recipes. I love being outside, so I am making time to go for a walk everyday. I have changed to career to a job doing something that I love.

And I’m not just ‘trying’ to do these things, but I’m actually making the effort to do them. Because if you just say “I’ll try to do this…”, then you probably wont actually do it.

So, value yourself. Value your wellbeing. Find out what makes you happy. Commit to doing the things that make you happy.

Be brave and make that change.

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